Is Halong bay overnight cruise a Must-see place?

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Whether to decide must to visit Halong Bay or not, let first gain some basic info of the place.

Halong Bay is located in Quang Ninh province, around 160km east of Hanoi. It gets endowed with a maze of 1,969 limestone islands and islets, scattering in the quite  1,553-km water surface. Cruising by these islands makes you feel like being tightly embraced by Mother Nature, plus waking up early there, in the middle of nowhere, brings about so much inner peace. 

Alt ảnh/ name: Halong Bay landscape

Driving by land from Hanoi to Halong Bay is the most common ways. Besides, the visitors can take a seaplane ride in only 45 minutes instead of the 2.5-hour drive via new express way or nearly 4 hours via the old route. With the seaplane, there is an extension of flying 15 minutes more to admire the picturesque Halong Bay from above. 

Alt ảnh/ name: Kayaking on Halong Bay

This heaven on earth can be discovered mainly by hiking, kayaking and swimming. Immersing yourself on a single kayak is a good choice to see the dried caves, lagoons, a few of which are home to Macaca mulatta monkeys, fishing villages, or Pearl farms. It is hard to resist the attractions of white-sand beaches formed at some little islands like Soi Sim or TiTop. Swimming and hiking up for a panaromic view of the stunning Bay are also intriguing. Some of the Halong Bay overnight-cruises may color your trip by organising some special celebrations like cooking demonstrations, some entertainments after dinner, honey-moon gifts, New Year special dinner or weddings at those fine beaches. Any of these arrangements will make your trip more memorable.

Alt ảnh: Sung Sot Cave on Halong Bay

Halong bay has around 24 karst caves, 10 of which are open to the public now. The biggest cave is Sung Sot (or Amazing cave), situating right at the core area of Halong Bay. It is roughly 10,000m2 comprising 3 chambers together with thousands of stalactites and stalacmites. Walking step by step into this cave, and then get wowed by its enormous size or attracted by some guide playing his flute for their guests. Expediting the cave is so enjoying and inspiring. Other caves on Halong Bay are Thien Cung (Heavenly Palace), Me Cung (Maze Palace), Trong (Drum gotto), Hang Sang Toi (Dark and Bright caves) and so on.

There were 7 fishing villages on Halong Bay, just like those in Thailand. However, only 2 of them remain as village museums as a result of moving estmatedly 2000 fisherman to the mainland in 2014. The villages are now quieter with just floating houses, communal houses, and fish farms. The goverment has created favorable conditions for the locals to earn their living by fishing in the bay and carrying tourists to their former villages on bamboo boats. It’s such a great chance interacting with locals and learn more of the bay via their sharing. 

This area of breathtaking beauty thoroughly deserves to be seen. Obviously, due to its natural beauty, Halong Bay has been a UNESCO natural heritage site twice in 1994 and 2000. 

Alt ảnh: Visit on Halong Bay 

Back to the main concern whether to visit Halong Bay. If you are looking for a place of both mountains and seas experiences, Ha long bay, a world heritage site and also one of the 7 natural wonders, is the right choice for you. It works for the ones value nature, outdoor activities and pleasant escape among the scenic marine landscapes. The visitors prefer nightlife and some recreational can stay overnight at hotels in Halong City instead so that you can visit the night market, enjoy the water park, Queen park or the cable car the Sun World Halong, getting to a beach or eating more seafood at local restaurants. 

Halong Bay is also considered as the most-highlighted place in the northern, as well as in Vietnam. Hence staying overnight on Halong Bay in one or two nights is highly recommended for the explorers at heart. The fact is that comparing to other services in Vietnam, the overnight cruise costs are not so reasonable. 

Alt ảnh: Halong Bay overnight cruise

There are dozens of overnight cruises on Halong Bay of cheap but not ensured services and expensive but not affordable that each traveler has to make wise decision. For those can’t spend an overnight or have very limited traveling durations can go with day trip to Halong Bay from Hanoi within a day. While most of the boat just sail 4 hours on cruise in a short distance, there are some better design up to 7 hours journey for the visitors to explore the most famous spots on Halong Bay.

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